chapter  14
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Third Generation Leadership Families

When she was about 18, my youngest daughter, Michelle, commented one day that some of her friends seemed envious of the relationship Michelle had with us, her parents. She said how one friend had made the statement that, in the past three years, she could not remember giving her mother a spontaneous hug. Apparently the mother of another friend also commented that she found it almost unbelievable that Michelle would want to spend time with her parents. Now one thing for certain, Michelle was no different from her friends in relation to partying and having a good time. She could (and did) party with the best of them and staying out late or all night was not uncommon. She loved spending time with her friends. But Michelle also loves spending time with her parents. And that is certainly not because we were wealthy or flush with money and could give our children everything they wanted! She loved spending time with her parents because Michelle had reaped the benefit of what we, her parents, had been taught by her siblings.