chapter  1
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The Background to Third Generation Leadership

Neuroscience has been examining all issues relating to the brain for some years, in modern neuroscience, we find the key that enables us to unlock Third Generation Leadership. Modern neuroscience provides us with tremendous insight into the brain. It has taught us that networks of neurons produce intellectual behaviour, cognition, emotion and physiological responses: but there is much still to learn. It enables us to understand something about the literally billions of possible connections between the brain's component neurons and the way in which these affect our sight, speech, behaviour and all the other things that, as animals, enable us to survive and grow. In considering Third Generation Leadership, concern lies with our minds with the combination of various areas of the brain that impact on how we think and how we behave. It concern is on our brain's areas of control the brain's loci of control for each of us as these areas impact on our role as leaders.