chapter  2
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Leadership in Context

Performance, leadership, value systems and worldviews are integrally intertwined. The authors assesses the leadership experience and the leaders we admire by the extent to which they see demonstrated behaviour that is compatible with our personal values. They develop and maintain our value systems in accord with our worldview. They also assess performance by the mindset that is triggered by both our values and our worldview. The Professor Clare Graves suggested an open-ended spiral of worldviews to explain why problems occur and/or people respond in an inadequate fashion to issues they encounter. Graves was in many ways one of the pioneers in some aspects of modern neuroscience thought and he argued that humans move in their worldviews from instinct, through safety, power, order, success, people, process and synthesis approaches that there is plasticity in the brain in relation to how view the world and respond to it. These worldviews represent rising levels of openness and ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity.