chapter  2
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Theoretical Works and Influences

This chapter considers Julian Stafford Corbett's general understanding and assessment of current military theory, for example, his rather unique interpretation of some Clausewitzian conceptions the political philosophy of war and two famous dichotomies, offensive-defensive and unlimited-limited war. These crucial elements in his theory of war were already easily detectable in his lectures on naval strategy at the Royal Navy War College. The chapter also examines Corbett's own contributions to limited war theory and his extension of Clausewitzian thought to the maritime arena and to British experiences. These include his ideas on limited war in a maritime context, his contributions to the approach referred to as the British Way in Warfare, and his development of important strategic concepts, for example maritime strategy and major strategy. The chapter concludes by the most important propositions presented, for example Corbett's intellectual debt to Carl von Clausewitz.