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Right W orshipfull, Theise are to give you to understand in breifest sort of our

proceedinges since the seventh of March, when we departed Dover Roade. Without any touch or stay, more then contrary windes inforcte, by our best endevours we attained to Saldania the I 5th of June, where, to the great hinderance of our busines, by losse of our boates, we wore out the taill of a long storme; many of our people now appearing somewhat toucht with the disease. Refreshing of flesh we had in manner none. We had some little fish, by our continuall indeavours in the river. For Cory, soone after our comeing thither, we in hope of his better performance, and nothing doubting of his love, I lett him goe away with his rich armour and all his wealth in the companie of his freindes; but what became of him after we know not, neither could ever understand.