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Extracts from a journal kept on board the New Year's Gift by Nicholas Downton, 1 March 1614 to 6 March 1615

THE SHIPPES employed were the New Yeeres Gift, admirall, of burthen sixe hundred and fiftie tunnes: the Hector, viceadmirall, of five hundred tunnes; the Merchants Hope, of three hundred tunnes: and the Salomon, of two hundred tunnes. Master William Edwards was lieutenant and cape merchant, and commander of the Hector; Master Nicholas Ens worth, cape merchant and commander of the Merchants Hope; Master Thomas Elkington, cape merchant and commander of the Salomon; Master Peter Rogers, minister; Martin Pring, Arthur Spaight, Matthew Molineux and Hugh Bennet, masters of the foure shippes, assisted with divers mates.