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Extracts from a journal kept on board the Solomon by Thomas Elkington, 1 January 1614 to 25 November 1615

THE FIRST of January 1613 [i.e. 1614], the new ship, built at Detford, was la[ u ]nched and called the New-Yeares-Gift. The third of March, we came to an anchor in the Downes.

The thirtieth of June, we set saile from the Bay of Sol dania. Heere at this time, which is their dead of winter, it was temperate, rather inclining to cold then heate. We had little refreshing but water and fish 2 • The people are wretched, neither sow nor plant, dwell in small cottages made of hides and so joyne many of them in a round circle, having their cattle in the middest. They are browne, but by greasing themselves become almost blacke, and in the wind unsavourie a doozen yards off; filching, trecherous, unworthy so good a land, which in likelihood with culture would be very fertile.