chapter  1
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Excendence Stance on Thinking: The Individual

If one is somewhat absorbed in Roman Ingardens Little Book About Man, one can assume that a basic set of values exists, established by people who strive to live by them in a manner characteristic of a particular time. A man is thus deeply unhappy if he is devoid of a direct and intuitive engagement with values. In other words, he cannot live his life to the full without the joy of this engagement. A man who possesses such an enormous spiritual power contributes his best powers to creating the reality of man as such. The path of thinking originates in Baumans Modernity and Ambivalence in which he considers tolerance as a chance of postmodernity, and solidarity as a chance of tolerance. The concept of the Individual according to Lgstrup is actually a structure designed to create at the outset an atmosphere saturated with morality as a reference.