chapter  3
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Product Liability in the US – From Asbestos to Riches?

Tobacco policy has developed as part of a broader movement to promote public health. In Europe for instance high tar cigarettes that some smokers once enjoyed are banned as are many oral tobacco products. Tobacco regulation is an example of the increased expectation on governments that they improve public health by reducing smoking related diseases. Imagine the position if governments had taken no action against smoking and tobacco companies had been left to advertise that cigarettes were safe or even good for health, packed the product with tar and nicotine and targeted the youth. The avowed intention of the public health lobby and regulators to reduce, if not obliterate, the tobacco market makes for a difficult regulatory context. The powerful lobbying power of the tobacco industry in the US combined with the labyrinthine Congressional procedures and constitutional limits has made it very difficult for political progress on tobacco control measures.