chapter  5
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Gigantism and containment

In 2013, ONCE celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary, and to honour its trajectory it was granted the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord. And although today ONCE is quite different from the organization that Franco agreed to create, it is still a very relevant actor in Spanish society. In the year that ONCE won the Prince of Asturias Award, gross revenues from its lottery business approached €2 billion, which meant a net income of nearly €900 million. Also, and according to the ranking of the Spanish newspaper El Economista, ONCE occupies 67th position in the country in terms of turnover. But more important is its position by the number of employees. In this case, with close to 24,000 employees, ONCE is the 9th largest employer in the country.1 If we add the personnel of the groups of companies that belong to ONCE and the ONCE Foundation, the workforce increases to almost 45,000 people – including 34,000 blind and not-blind disabled people. This number positions the organization of the Spanish blind as the second largest employer in the country. All in all, it is calculated that between direct and indirect employees, ONCE employs approximately 68,000 Spanish people.