chapter  2
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Six Constituents of Social Domain Fragmentation in CSR and Sustainability

This chapter reviews the ways in which the social domain is depicted and fragmented in CSR and sustainability deriving from current theories, methodologies and definitions resulting in six constituents that drive social domain fragmentation in CSR and sustainability. Generally, CSR and sustainability are discussed as two disconnected concepts or as interchangeable and separate. This chapter begins with a broad discussion of CSR and sustainability definitions, various social domain theories and methodologies followed with analysis of the challenges and limitations of social responsibility within current sustainability and CSR frameworks. A comprehensive discussion of how the social domain’s focus on socio-economics, societal wellbeing, social sustainability and stakeholders is considered to limit society’s role in social responsibility. Finally, the chapter closes with an examination of social responsibility constructs such as societal values and expectations, social progress and business and societal competitiveness in CSR and sustainability and how these constructs are linked to social responsibility in the social domain and its implications among corporations, governments and local communities.