chapter  5
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Flexible Capitalism and the Brazilianisation of Work?

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book argues that thinking differently about the knowledge practices that are available to do social science. It also argues for the development of a social scientific imagination which might recognise in such knowledge practices a means to think differently about ethically slanted maxims for the conduct of the self as enterprise, work, and the monstrous cosmos of twenty-first century capitalism. Roger Altman, a former US Deputy Treasury Secretary in the first Clinton Administration, cites French President Nicolas Sarkozy saying Le laisser-faire, cest fini. China's Vice Premier Wang Qishan observing that The teachers now have some problems, as the consequences of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) became more apparent. A capitalism, which as the GFC indicates, is resilient, to mobilise ideas, policies and practices that look after the interests of capital, to articulate powerful ideas of individual enterprise, autonomy, choice and responsibility.