chapter  3
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After (a) Method

This chapter discusses the corporate athlete on Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz's influential work on the body, mind and soul dimensions of executive performance. It also discusses the changing character of the limits and possibilities that are imagined as impacting on the performance potential of persons when they are imagined as having a body, mind and soul. The chapter argues that passion is produced, regulated and managed within relations of power that emerge from and give structure/shape to particular fields of possibilities. Foucault argues that the techniques of discipline operate at a particular scale, a scale that does not imagine the body, en masse, wholesale, as if it were an indissociable unity, but of working it retail, individually. The idea of Spiritual Capacity is, according to Loehr and Schwartz, often troubling to many of the individuals and organisations that they work with because of the sense that it says something about religious beliefs.