chapter  5
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The Battles of 1901–1902

ByKatharine Ellis

In February 1894, Auguste Pecoul himself was unsure of the expiry date, and informed Cardinal Francois-Marie Richard, on behalf of union delegate Keufer, that it was either 1898 or 1900. The Semaine religieuse du diocese de Cambrai, joint home of France's most established edition of Gregorian chant, saw the Pope Pius's message as indicating a transfer of allegiance to Solesmes but marking the long-awaited end of Pothier's, not Mocquereau's, battle with Pustet. Dom Delatte's resolve to yield nothing to Dom Pothier, especially via anything involving Pecoul, meant that the internal battle over ownership would have happened anyway. Pecoul mentioned the possibility of a new text to Dom Pothier on 1 August 1901, and they began haggling over possible names for the international commission that was to support the venture. In the wake of the La Fleche judgement, on 20 November 1901 he signed a solo contract with Poussielgue for the proposed Vatican chant books.