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The author reproduces a second Festschrift article, written for Kevin Cathcart, another good friend, on The Day of Yahweh in the Minor Prophets, from Biblical and Near Eastern Essays. Covenant in the Old Testament', a contribution to a Festschrift for Ernest Nicholson, who has been such an important friend and colleague to the author, deals with the slightly unreal question whether Julius Wellhausen could ever have written a Theology of the Old Testament' there is in fact much evidence that he distrusted the concept. The author's colleague Robert Morgan edited a volume by ordained Anglican members of the Oxford Theology Faculty as a centennial counterpart to Lux Mundi, published in 1889 with a similar authorship. The volume was called The Religion of the Incarnation. The contribution that the author have made to biblical theology has been very partial and occasional, but a few essays are reproduced here that may hint at ideas which could usefully be developed further.