chapter  2
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The Explosion of Modernism

This chapter focuses on a number of artists who made their reputation in the 1930s but whose work reached a wider audience after World War II, helped by a number of major church commissions. It also considers the other major artists of this period, Henry Moore, John Piper and Ceri Richards, it is important to note that there was an intimation of this post-war recovery of confidence in religious art that can be discerned in the shift of artistic consciousness that occurred in the 1930s. The critic Quentin Bell, reviewing the exhibition of religious art in which the painting was first shown, judged that it conveyed a strong sense of conviction which was lacking in most of the other works on show. Graham Sutherland and John Piper, who also made their reputations before the war but who achieved wider fame after it, not least through their work for.