chapter  4
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Catholic Elegance and Joy

This chapter is concerns artists who are still alive, and whose work relates fairly directly to Christian iconography. It also considering here a number of artists whose work is recognized has having a spiritual dimension or which sometimes has visual echoes of Christian themes. Peter Ball must be the most commissioned of all contemporary artists working on religious themes, with over 60 of his works in churches or cathedrals. This popularity is partly related to that fact that he seeks to be sensitive to the setting and purpose of a work of art in a religious space, and has said that a work in a church setting 'has to be a devotional object not an architectural set piece'. The Women at the Empty Tomb is from Mynheer's Saram series on the Passion, which was first shown in Salisbury Cathedral. These paintings deal with the traditional scenes of the Passion with heightened colour and a sense of drama.