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A Snapshot of Sheffield in October–November 1962

The Sheffield Corporation-owned City Hall in Sheffield was the main concert venue for touring artists in 1962, but was perceived as ‘virtually out of bounds’ to local musicians (Firminger and Lilleker 2001: 57).1 Promoter Arthur Howes showcased twice-nightly package tours at the venue, such as Del Shannon, Freddie Cannon and the John Barry Seven (Wednesday 3 October; admission 3/6-8/6), and the Everly Brothers2 and Frank Ifield (Wednesday 17 October). Promoter Arthur Kimbrell, in association with agent Tito Burns, promoted Bobby Vee and the Crickets (Saturday 3 November) and the Max Bygraves Show (Saturday 17 November), both at the City Hall. Little Richard (with Sam Cooke), promoted by Don Arden, was described as ‘electrifying’, a ‘rootin’ tutti-frutti-ing bundle of radioactive rhythm’ who performed to ‘frenzied’ fans.