chapter  5
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Shewing the Auncient Fayth

An Elizabethan Sequel

This chapter outlines a different approach to Matthew Parker's somewhat fraught legacy as a figure in the revival of Anglo-Saxon studies. Many of the early antiquarians relied more on the British church than on the Anglo-Saxon church, so it is noteworthy that to find the precedents he sought, Parker turned to the writings of the Anglo-Saxon church and principally to the homilies of Ælfric of Eynsham. Matthew Parker and other early modern antiquarians found an invaluable resource in the annotations of the famous Tremulous Hand of Worcester. John Joscelyn was not the only person to work on Old English lexicography, but he was one of the earliest to make real progress towards a dictionary, and he is the first person knows to have been using the thirteenth-century glosses of the Tremulous Hand. In addition to several publications dealing with ecclesiastical discipline, Parker published a number of books written in various combinations of Latin, Old English, and Modern English.