chapter  3
18 Pages

Nocturnal ecologies and infrastructures

WithRobert Shaw, Robert Shaw

This chapter develops an understanding of how the night-time city operates as an urban frontier by exploring the minimum levels of infrastructure that seem to be required to keep the urban functioning. It attempts to identify the transformative effects of these infrastructures on non-human actors and ecologies, and as such the ways in which the environment must always be embedded within urban subjectivities. The chapter explores how urban life rubs up against the biogeoastronomical night. It considers the infrastructures that make night possible, before moving on to explore some of these and their ecological impacts. The chapter considers the history of lighting-related conflicts in the night-time city, and how lighting is being transformed today. It concludes by exploring some of the global challenges faced in providing artificial lighting in a variety of urban conditions, and how these point towards urban borders.