chapter  7
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Towards nightology and the temporal limits to urbanism

WithRobert Shaw

This chapter gives presentations of ideas to refine the author's argument, before then writing the manuscript, one of his major aims was to explore questions about the night that intrigued him. The author suggests that night might be a 'haecceity'; as such, it cannot have a single narrative unifying all of its elements. The main argument is that there is more than one way in which urbanization can be planetary. In particular, planetary urbanization needs to be understood as distinct from global urbanization. With regards to global urbanization, one can see multiple other limitations to the earth's urbanization. The author discusses three narratives of the urban–world–night relationship. He explores the key trends in the urban night. The author presents an attempt to conceptualize night in a variety of ways. In particular, he has focused on two interconnecting forms of night: the biogeoastronomical and the socio-cultural.