chapter  XVI
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Martyrdoms’ of Cranmer, Latimer, and Ridley, looked up at the Bodleian, cthe looming roof of the great library into which he hardly . . . had time to enter’, and allowed his gaze to travel over ‘the varied spires, halls, gables, streets, chapels, gardens, quadrangles, which composed the ensemble of this unrivalled panorama.’3 When ‘a bell began clanging’ from under cthe ogee dome’ of one of the colleges, he counted ‘till a hundred-and-one strokes had sounded. He must have made a mistake, he thought: it was meant for a hundred.’4 The college with the ogee dome had been founded by Cardinal Wolsey, and Hardy recalled that it was called ‘Cardinal College’ in Ainsworth’s novel Windsor Castle. Hardy felt that, in the novel now taking shape in his mind, he could use the same name as that used by Ainsworth; and, the better to describe ‘Cardinal College’, he went and ‘stood in a corner’ o f ‘the great green quadrangle’ and watched ‘the figures walking along under the College walls’ .5