chapter  6
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Digital Workstations

WithNicki Newton

Students will understand that there are many ways to use technology in math class, including using digital math tools to think through, explain, and show mathematical concepts. There are many different activities for students to do on laptops. Fluency games are really important. They can be played in the fluency workstation as well as in the digital workstation. Meaning, in the digital workstation there can be a menu of fluency games that students work on. But also, in the fluency workstation there can be digital games integrated into the menu of activities. As with fluency, so with word problems, the students can either do some web-based activities in the word problem workstation or in the digital workstation. There are some great sites for students to practice word problems. Math playground has Thinking Blocks, where they can work through a series of models for tape diagramming problems based on the operation.