chapter  4
Unseen Labour and All-of-Life Surveillance 1
ByPhoebe V. Moore
Pages 46

This chapter examines how the unstable matrix of the rise in exploitative work contracts, digitalised management interfaces and intensified tracking capacities negatively impact working conditions and provide an attempted means to capture and control all of life and work in conditions of precarity. It outlines how employers and clients capture and use data for what is called 'people analytics', reputation profiling, electronic performance management, platform work interface management and surveillance. The chapter looks at the concept of surveillance and biopower and the workplaces where new technologies are now being deployed to monitor and control work as well as to provide services and work. It goes into a more specific characterization for how affect and emotional labour become areas of corporate colonization as seen in new workplace experiments. It looks at the concept of surveillance at work, and the ways that electronic performance monitoring, reputation management, people analytics and automation are effected and affect workers.