chapter  2
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Chinese Internet Representation of African Migrants in Guangzhou

Existing literature on Chinese internet representations of Africans/blacks mainly focus on two themes such as debates on Chinese aid to Africa, and the stigmatization of black sexuality. The stigmatization of black sexuality is another contentious topic online due to the increase in the number of romances and marriages between Chinese women and black men. Within the black threat discourse, five inter-related themes, likely Afro-phobia, dehumanization, hypersexuality, criminalization, and low suzhi are identified. The conflation of blacks/foreigners, blacks/Muslims/ethnic minorities, black Africans/black Americans in some of the discussions reflects the fact that anti-black racism on the Chinese internet is sometimes entwined with xenophobia and Han chauvinism. This chapter examines how business relations between Chinese and African migrant traders/workers turn out to be a painful yet open-ended racial learning process for both groups, which involves considerable amounts of labor in order to build mutual credibility and trust.