chapter  13
The Talent Transfer process
How it works, how it could work better and how to make it work for you
ByDave Collins, Áine MacNamara
Pages 12

Talent Transfer (TT), the more or less structured transfer and fast-tracking of talented individuals from one sport to another sport where there are opportunities to succeed, is a growing phenomenon world-wide. By transferring athletes from donor sports into targeted sports the probability of identifying athletes with the capabilities to compete at the highest level is thought to be increased by minimising adolescent maturational issues and maximising the developmental investment already made in these older athletes. Since a combination of factors appear to be causative of successful transfer, this chapter will explore how to equip young athletes with the broad base of physical and psycho-behavioural factors – the transferable elements – that facilitate transfer between sports. This robust foundation of skills is important if young athletes are to maintain their involvement in sport and progress back and forth between different types of activities and motives for participation. Guidelines for the operationalisation of the psychological and psychomotor fundamentals that underpin learning, development and performance and act as the foundation of lifelong engagement in sport and physical activity are presented in this chapter.