chapter  4
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Contract foodservice, travel and public sector catering – The indirect market

ByBernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, Peter Alcott, Ioannis S. Pantelidis

This chapter examines the indirect food and beverage sectors, namely business and industry, education, travel, health and welfare services and prison catering. On many occasions the public sector and travel catering operations are often serviced by contract foodservice companies. Contract foodservice has been associated with non-profit or institutional catering, including workplace canteens, hospitals and schools. Travel catering has a number of characteristics not commonly associated with other food and beverage outlets. Travel catering often has to cater for 'mixed markets'. The in-flight catering service varies considerably with the class of travel and type and duration of flight. The public sector has seen growth in prison catering, college and university and public catering as well as the services. The market can be characterized as semi-captive, as it would be convenient for employees to use the caterer but they also have the choice to use other food and beverage providers or bring in their own lunch.