chapter  5
26 Pages

Developing the concept

ByBernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, Peter Alcott, Ioannis S. Pantelidis

This chapter focuses on a restaurant feasibility study. It describes the main parts of a restaurant business plan. The chapter also focuses on basic understanding of ways that an operation can be financed. It explores basic knowledge of facility design and layout. A good concept may often separate success from failure. A key tool to help to reach the decision as to whether a concept is likely to be a success or not is the feasibility study. Companies with successful restaurant concepts may be willing to franchise their concept to the restaurateur. Restaurant space is designated depending on the level of service, and generally speaking a fine-dining restaurant would be expected to allow far more space per seat than a fast-food operation. The service area must combine aesthetics as well as practicality so that the meal experience is enhanced by the surroundings and the design of the restaurant.