chapter  6
37 Pages

The menu

ByBernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, Peter Alcott, Ioannis S. Pantelidis

This chapter focuses on the differences between a table d'hote and a la carte menu. It describes the basics of menu planning and menu design. The chapter explains knowledge of menu pricing models and applications. It provides different types of beverage menus. The chapter also focuses on the need for accuracy and honesty in menu descriptions. It examines a basic understanding of licensing and merchandising. The menu is the primary selling tool of any establishment that offers food and beverage for sale. The menu, together with other physical attributes of a property, contributes to creating a level of expectation from the customer. Comparatively lower production costs and modern materials should ensure that menus are always kept clean and presentable. The larger the menu, the more time consuming it is for customers to make their selection of food or wine. The size and shape of a menu can add to and complement the uniqueness of the facility.