chapter  5
Chapter 5 Building Resilience: Mental Armor for Police Employees
Pages 36

The material from this chapter, in fact this book, is based upon foundational as well as emerging research on resilience. It also comes from the experience and wisdom shared with me or observed by me in police officers, dispatchers, call-takers, crime-scene technicians, and family members of police. I feel that I am standing on the shoulders of giants reaching out to you, offering what I have learned over the years from others. The information in this chapter is not unlike the concept of resilience itself. It isn’t static. It shifts, grows, and challenges us to adapt. The research and programs presented in this chapter will do the same. For this reason, I am offering both the information, its source, and common trusted sources for information about resilience so you can easily stay up to date and explore topics further, if interested. I hope you will.