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Non-Operational Stressors

Catching the Sneaky Resilience Thief
WithStephanie M. Conn

Non-operational stressors include shiftwork, overtime, call-outs, and policies and procedures relating to promotions, work assignments, discipline, and even retirement. Many police agencies struggle to maintain adequate staffing levels. This means that officers end up being “voluntold” they are going to work over or, worse yet, on their days off. Some will take stress leave from work but then recreate the busyness frenzy in their recovery time. The medicine for time sickness is changing mindset about busyness. Socialization processes during the academy and training programs do a good job of fusing personal and professional identities. Police recruits and police officers are reminded that they are police officers 24/7, overshadowing other life roles such as husband, wife, parent, daughter, friend, and community member. One of the most troubling changes is the tendency for police officers to begin narrowing how they define themselves.