chapter  1
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(En)Gendered War Stories and Camouflaged Politics

This chapter focuses on how the war on terror helps to intensify the imposed identity of national-subjects through border control practices that are largely ideological in character. Some national states, anyone subject to immigration controls, even those with legal, permanent status, are denied a plethora of services and benefits available only to the citizenry. While certainly charting some new ground, recent changes urgently need to be contextualized within a much longer history of border controls aimed at positioning migrants who are non-White women and men in inferior state categories of entry, work and residence in Canada. Border controls were implemented as human communities underwent a profound period of institutionalizing ethnicized and racialized identities within national state categories of membership and non-membership captured in the negative dualism of citizen/foreigner. The Whiteness of the Canadian nation, along with its masculinity, has become even more intensive during times of national crisis.