chapter  3
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Thinking About Financial Fraud and Investigations

Many commercial and business-related sites provide limited information at no cost. That limited information may be sufficient for your investigation purposes. Fitch is the third major credit rating agency for corporate finance, financial institutions, and insurance companies. A. M. Best Company is another credit rating agency, but limits its focus mostly to insurance companies and banks. They also provide industry information on hospitals and health care companies. FreeErisa website allows you to access copies of some pension plan documents filed with the IRS. Kelley Blue Book provides free access to prices for both new and used cars, customized by zip code. LinkedIn is a social networking site for business people. It provides users an opportunity to connect with others in their field and recommend their contacts. MapQuest provides similar information to Google Maps and Expedia Maps: street maps, satellite views, and driving directions. It offers real-time traffic flow maps as well as identifies the lowest gas prices in an area.