chapter  8
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Real Estate Records

Cultural, political, and socioeconomic differences can play a role in how a subject reacts to work and should be mentioned in the investigation plan if they are relevant. One recent study found that 4.1 percent of the population suffered diagnosable Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) during the 12-month period of the study. One of the main problems in recognizing ADHD is the fact that it can manifest itself in apparent laziness. Another potentially troublesome mental health issue is paranoid beliefs and behaviors. Mental health issues can be particularly challenging because they do not manifest the same way that a physical health issue might. Instead, psychological problems manifest themselves through behavior. That can challenge our notions of ability and free will. Cartoonist Scott Adams built the Dilbert Empire in large part based on the ineptitude of Pointy-Haired Boss, the quintessential Jargon-Spewing Know-Nothing.