chapter  1
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Introduction: Why and Where to Start

Google has become the best known and most popular search engine, but there are many to choose from. Most search engines allow to do a Boolean search, meaning to add words like AND, OR, and NOT to add or remove words to the search parameters. Google Scholar gives quick and easy access to the full text of scholarly journal articles. Google's Finance page gives a quick overview of financial markets at a single glance. Google's Translation page is not particularly unique, but is easy to use and provides as-you-type translation. "Ask' is a natural language search engine. Although other search engines have now adopted this technology. MetaCrawler is the third sibling to DogPile and WebCrawler and all are owned by InfoSpace. WebCrawler is owned by the same company as DogPile and is also a metasearch engine. WolframAlpha is a relatively new web resource that provides answers to some types of questions.