chapter  4
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‘God’s Chosen’: The Importance of Being ‘Chosen’

In a sense all worldviews are potentially in opposition to each other and threaten social consensus. However such privileging can be challenged and interpretations changed, often through engagement with alternative perspectives. This is particularly the case in late modern societies where worldviews draw on scientific and other secular knowledge forms. The community's view of African Americans also reflects their regional context, demonstrating the importance of contextualising different fundamentalist groups in order to understand their specific selection of others'. God's Way community members also categorised Hispanic Americans as fallen', despite never coming across any in their locale. Despite obviously racist views towards African, Jewish and Hispanic Americans, God's Way community's members showed a certain reverence for Native Americans. Both Jews and Catholics are placed in the category of false believers', alongside all Protestants who are not fundamentalists. Finally, city dwellers are usually categorised as fallen' and depictions of the Tribulation' are typically set in a large city, often New York.