chapter  6
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‘Counting Down the Days’: Apocalyptic Urgency and Agency

Globalisation is an accelerant to the growth of religious fundamentalism in late modernity. Globalising forces make the world increasingly interlinked and interdependent; culturally, economically and politically. In a non-Western context, globalisation has a profound impact, amplifying the effects of modernisation and creating the ideal conditions for the emergence of fundamentalism. Globalisation's impact in the West is to provoke debates around identity and values, which can lead some individuals to seek out alternatives. The growth of religious fundamentalism caught the social sciences, political commentators, and the media by surprise. Islamic fundamentalism, alongside Protestant fundamentalism in the USA, is the most significant form of fundamentalism in the world today. Islamic fundamentalism is a socio-political force across the Middle East, in parts of South East Asia, and across former Soviet republics in central Asia. It emerges in those areas where an identity as a Muslim is embedded within an ethnic or national identity.