chapter  6
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Income Allocation, Investment and Consumption

This chapter examines the case of the Cansevers which proved to be one of the most deprived households in April and whose situation had worsened by October. It then seeks to understand how they differed in their responses to poverty and why their plans failed to bring about any improvement. The Cansevers raised an income, using their labour and cultural capital resources only. The chapter shows how the family mobilised these resources, and follows up their work plans. It also focuses on Sreyya's labour market behaviour, and then on the contributions of Cemal, and finally, those of the children. Finally, the chapter explores the Cansevers' income generation behaviour. The Cansevers undertook various consumption activities extending from the commodified to non-commodified spheres. The extent of their involvement in non-commodified consumption was very limited. Of particular importance, they lacked access to both rent-free accommodation and state healthcare.