chapter  5
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Income Generation and Diversification

This chapter focuses on the Hikmets who entered the month of April as a moderately deprived household and managed to maintain their position within the April-October period. It examines in what ways the Hikmets differ in their responses to poverty, and follows up their plans for the next six months. The chapter describes how they mobilised these resources within the April-October period, and explores whether they succeeded in their work plans. It explores Zuhre's labour market behaviour and analyses the role of Tahir and finally that of the children. The chapter discusses the factors which rendered them less successful than the Ayhans in relation to four areas of behaviour. Concerning investment, the Hikmets possessed an asset portfolio which consisted of a flat, 10 dnm rural lands and a de facto gecekondu house that they managed to hold on to over the six month period. The Hikmets adopted various consumption practices of a commodified, semi-and-non-commodified nature.