chapter  6
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The journey of womanhood

Rebekah is one of the rare women in the Bible to have been explicitly called to a life of exile. Rebekah's exile endures, moreover, into the land of her destination as she struggles with her identity as a childless woman, on the margins of a society where the status of women rested in childbearing. Rebekah's journey is different from Abraham's inasmuch as it is not towards a land that she is called but towards a person. The story of Rebekah speaks, far to the contrary, to an ethical signification of Eros reminiscent of Levinas's concept of metaphysical desire. Levinas is characterized intrinsically by the spatial exile from the world of man. The Rebekah of old age is the opposite. She is cautious and calculating, and her generosity towards man has turned into trickery. Jacob's journey will begin where Rebekah left off and the trajectory to the infinite will continue to be traced.