chapter  8
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The priestly calling of exile

This chapter explains the deed of murder which provoked the original oracle of exile upon the sons of Levi. It evaluates both approaches and proposes a Hebrew concept of society that is based on exile. The murder of the Shechemites by Levi and Simeon seems entirely justified in light of Shechem's actions upon Dinah. The separation of the chosen people from the contamination of surrounding nations and the faithfulness to the Abrahamic pact with God to not go back to the pagan land. Speaking of the endurance of the nomadic spirit in Hebrew society, as embodied by the Levitical condition of exile. The role of the Levite was thus to teach that there exist values higher than those of national honor, national solidarity or patriotism. The sons of Shem features a central and masterful self described as striving for the divine in the Babelian endeavor of reaching the heavens.