chapter  3
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An evangelical hymnody

ByMartin V. Clarke

This chapter concerns with the practical application of evangelical doctrinal expression found in the hymns of Methodism. It presents a case study on John Wesley's writings on the use of hymnody and music more broadly provide an instructive insight into the close connection between the hymns of early Methodism and the evangelical principles on which the movement was founded. The chapter explores the case study of Primitive Methodism's emergence as the second-largest Methodist group in the nineteenth century was, at least in part, characterised by its focus on evangelism and revival. It also presents a case study on British Methodism's substantial engagement in overseas missionary work was a direct expression of its evangelical foundation. The legacy of Methodism's missionary work has also had a profound impact on contemporary British Methodism. The chapter then presents a brief examination of British Methodism's attitudes towards children's hymnody.