chapter  4
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Planting the forest, natural forgetting
WithBenedict Anderson

The construction of new human-made landscapes for the disappearance of the destroyed city was to become the defining achievement in removing the scars of the war. Walking Teufelsberg is to be a part in overwriting the history of Berlin. It is also the built reality of proposals post-1945 that ‘advocated bulldozing the rubble, planting grass and shrubbery, and allowing a new natural landscape to emerge’. The private and public funds that flowed into many of Berlin’s eastern districts after German reunification transformed their grey facades and dimly lit streets. The national self-suppression of emotive and sensory abilities in post-war reconstruction would, by default, be worked through in clearing rubble from the country’s towns and cities. The psychotope deployed in working through ruination could allow the biotope to emerge from the buried remnants of mass destruction. In 1952 Lingner published a book containing his biomorphic landscape theories.