chapter  5
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New ground

Unearthing Teufelsberg, against forgetting
WithBenedict Anderson

In Richard Long – A Line Made by Walking, Dieter Roelstraete explores the various connections between walking and landscape. His account centres on Long’s first landscape artwork made in 1967 in a field outside London, for which he walked back and forth for 20 minutes forging a path of trampled grass ending on the verge of a forest. Two years after Long’s walk, Welsh artist Keith Arnatt was photographed vertically sinking into the ground in a nondescript clearing. The first image shows Arnatt standing on the ground and the following images show his body incrementally submerging and finally disappearing in the last image. Materialising Teufelsberg as a ‘reinvigorated geography’ offers an opportunity to understand the buried city’s depressions on ground. Visually locating the surface and depth of Teufelsberg resonates with the reading of the ground and geography of the buried city.