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Remembering: undoing forgetting, the reveal
WithBenedict Anderson

The man and the hang glider connected with the air they both embraced, the man in a devotional movement to his God, the hang-glider temporarily taking flight. The intension of the Graphiens and Dissection projects, collectively called the Reveal, is to portray two distinctive experiences of the buried city. Victor Buchli and Gavin Lucas’s An Archaeology of the Immaterial, offers an explanation of how the material of the buried city has for so long been immaterial and misshapen geography. As the buried city was designed to be forgotten, the standing Graphiens are conceived to enact the material and memory of the buried city. Dissection opens the geography of Teufelsberg, creating an incision into the rubble hill to reveal its geological make-up, where the public dissect the interior of the buried city and the capacity of human destruction.