chapter  3
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The Relevance of Business Wargaming in Strategy

This chapter describes a wargame in the automotive industry based around the concept of future management. One of the world's largest automotive suppliers wanted to analyze a number of dynamic competition scenarios for the business units of its most important division by means of a business wargame. Future Management Group AG was asked to prepare, facilitate and lead the wargame project. This primary goal was pursued and achieved by elaborating a series of competitive future scenarios which might evolve as a result of action and strategic moves by competitors. The chief executive officer welcomed the participants, presented the core elements of the companys current strategy and provided the rationale for the wargaming project. The results of the wargame triggered several strategic initiatives to improve the companys strategy and to make it more robust against the impact of possible surprises. On the basis of the substantial results, similar wargaming projects were planned for other parts of the group.