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Confidential Account of the Genoese Delegation to Rome, 1121

This is a translation of a text included with Belgrano’s text of footnote (1) on p. 20 of the ‘Annals’ (p. 20, n. 1). Belgrano reports that he has personally inspected the document in the Genoese Archives, ‘on the original parchment’ (Materie Politiche, Trattati, mazzo 1). His text, which we follow, differs only very slightly from that included by Pertz as an appendix to the Annals (MGHSS, vol. 18, p. 356), as having been given to him by Michele Canale.1 A further witness was I. Pflugk-Harttung, Iter Italicum (Stuttgart , 1883), p. 456.