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So that my grant of concessions should remain well founded and reliable in perpetuity, I authenticate it with the seal of my authority and reinforce it beyond doubt, in the presence of these witnesses, whose signatures appear below: Lord

and to whomsoever they may grant them’. The concessions include an additional third of the revenues at Latakia, and a more detailed specification of the enclave / ‘ruga’ there, ‘with the church, from the property where the well is to the harbour wall with the fort of St Elias and caves, as well as in all the cities and harbours which might be captured with the help of the Genoese.’ A further privilege included is an estate in Gibelletum ‘by the harbour, with a villa outside it’. Gibelletum (Gibellum minor/Jubayl) was not captured until 1104; Caffaro, LCO, p. 122, notes however that it was part of the territory of Tripoli, not Antioch, and that Raymond of Saint-Gilles gave the Genoese one third of it after the conquest. Tancred acquired Gibellum major, or Jableh, for the principality of Antioch, in 1109, with Genoese help (Caffaro, ‘Annals’, p. 57). The dating of the version used by Röhricht cannot be correct, and there are major doubts about the authenticity of the text.