chapter  4
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Can the Path to Conflict be Blocked or Redirected?

In this chapter, I will, firstly, look at the opportunities for the prevention of antagonistic agency, the resolution of conflicting interests and the strengthening of obstacles to war, one by one. In my identification of opportunities I will focus on 21 junctures on the path to conflict as identified in the diagnosis in the previous chapter and aim at designing interventions that could block or redirect these junctures. Secondly, the aim is to generalize the recipes for West Kalimantan into something that could be seen as a lesson for other cases of conflict that show structural similarities. But instead of aiming at one parsimonious prescription on how to remove “the root cause of all conflict,” the attempt here is to identify many ways of reducing the risk of violence. In order to facilitate the integration of my findings into existing peace research, I will return the junctures into the three main clusters of agency, motives and opportunities.