chapter  5
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The Worst Forms of Child Labour: A Guide to ILO Convention 182 and Recommendation 190

To what extent the European Union (EU) can be involved in the elimination of child labour will depend on the competences of the EU in the field of labour law. As many international standards in labour law have been developed through international treaties, especially by the International Labour Organization (ILO), it is important to analyse the relationship between the EU and the ILO. The EU is neither a member of the ILO nor has it concluded any of the treaties drafted within this organization. Membership of the ILO is defined by article 1(2) of the ILO Constitution which reserves membership to State parties. In 1987, the Single European Act inserted article 118(a) into the Treaty of the European Community, which authorized the European organs for the first time to regulate labour safety by means of directives; that is, to adopt norms in this field independently of its links with the internal market.